Monday, March 2, 2009

She's baaaaack!!!!


You love to hate her. First on Beverly Hills, then on Charmed (get your FREE series here). Now Shannon Doherty is back for another season of the new 90210:

Brenda’s still in the 90210.

Shannen Doherty will reprise her role on The CW’s “90210” for one additional episode, reps for the teen drama confirmed to Access Hollywood. The “Beverly Hills, 90210” alumna initially signed on for six episodes of The CW’s reboot.

And with fellow series alum Tori Spelling finally heading back to the show as well, the pair may have the chance to reunite on screen. According to Entertainment Weekly, the two won’t share any scenes, but show and studio reps told Access that information on Shannen’s episode was unavailable.

The show last saw Shannen’s Brenda confessing to Jennie Garth’s Kelly that she is unable to have kids.

Jennie and Tori have already reunited, according to The Associated Press, who reported that the pair were spotted filming scenes for an episode in a Rolls-Royce convertible on Monday in Beverly Hills – the first time the reboot was filmed in its titular zip code.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

'Dexter's' New Addition!

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We all know him from such dramas as 'NYPD Blue' and 'L.A. Law', now we can see Jimmy Smits in his new role on Showtime's 'Dexter'.

"The character is something different than I've done before on television and what television audiences are used to seeing me as," Smits said. Producers of the wryly grim drama promised that "I was going to have fun. And that's been played out in such a great way."

With 'Dexter' being on Showtime, this is Smits first cable series. Better late than never!

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Mario Batali Lights Up Empire State Building!

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When the sun went down on New York last night, celebrity chef Mario Batali and Hollywood actor-director Stanley Tucci lite up Manhattan's Empire State Building bright orange. Batali and Tucci, both board members of the Food Bank, are spreading the word about the orange which, aside from matching Batali's clogs, also happens to be the symbolic color for raising funds and awareness of hunger relief. The duo are helping to kick off a hunger relief campaign called Go Orange! for the Food Bank for New York City. For every $1 donated, the food bank donates five meals to the needy, and at least 1.3 million New Yorkers - most of them children or the elderly - risk going hungry.

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Suze Orman - More Famous Than Elton John?

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For a personal finance personality, Suze Orman sure has a spotlight on her that includes a share of haters — this weekend's Saturday Night Live certainly didn't hold back in its depiction of the money matron. The past year has given Suze the opportunity to take her career to the celebrity level: According to Davie-Brown (a company that tracks the appeal of celebrities), Suze Orman is no "on par" with celebrities like Elton John and Nicollette Sheridan. It's hard to wrap my head around the idea that Suze could be as famous as Sir Elton John, and there are a lot of people out there questioning the methods she's used to get herself to this place. Find out what people are saying about her when you read more.

Suze's job is to give advice about money, but her critics observe that during the past year she's been using fear mongering tactics to benefit her stardom. She appeared on Oprah just last week and the promo for the episode (video below) gives some evidence that this could be true. On top of this general criticism, her Got Milk advertisement has raised eyebrows because of the innate conflict of a personal finance adviser starring (and being paid for) an ad that aims to sell.

Do you think Suze Orman has capitalized on public fear to promote herself? Is it wrong for someone in her position to endorse products?

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Monday, October 20, 2008

3 Steps To LSAT Success!

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Undergraduate GPAs and LSAT scores are the most important factors law schools consider in making admissions offers. Here is a quick guide to LSAT prep in three steps.

Time Required: Minimum of two months

Here's How:

  1. Choose a date when you will take the test.

    Sign up for an early test date in order to leave yourself room for error. Some schools accept the highest LSAT score achieved instead of averaging multiple scores, so in case trouble arises regarding your first time taking the exam, leave extra time to retake the test if needed.

    If your test date is less than two months away, start preparing for the LSAT immediately. You can never get too much practice answering the kind of multiple-choice questions you will face during the exam, but generally an hour a day for two months should be plenty of time to prepare.

  2. Choose your study materials.

    If you feel like you truly need the structure of a course to study, by all means, sign up for an LSAT course. Be advised, though, that they are quite expensive, and there’s no reason that you can’t prepare on your own with some discipline along with LSAT prep books and/or software.

    But if you find that one set of materials or preparation method doesn’t seem to be working for you, move on to another.

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  1. Practice.

    The LSAT doesn't test knowledge per se, so there really is no way to study for it in the traditional sense. Instead, the LSAT tests your ability to absorb and process information quickly and efficiently, using skills such as logic, deductive reasoning, and reading comprehension.

    The way you prepare for this is actually quite simple: get comfortable with the testing format by doing LSAT practice tests and train your brain to handle the questions with speed and accuracy.

    The more your practice, the faster and more comfortable with the exam format you will become, and that can only help your score.


  1. Once you start doing LSAT practice tests, set aside time each day for questions, preferably in the morning as that is when you'll take the actual exam.
  2. Make sure you're timing your exam sessions to give you an idea of your progress on speed.

What You Need:

  • Information on registration from LSAC
  • LSAT prep materials
  • Pencil
  • Time-keeping device
  • Lots of dedication, determination, and persistence
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Friday, October 17, 2008

Project Runway Picked A Winner!

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The fashion world watched as Leanne, Korto and Kenley showed their collections under the tents of Bryant Park for New York Fashion Week. But four people, Project Runway judges Heidi Klum, Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and — surprise! — Tim Gunn, decided who was in and who was out of the competition.

SPOILER ALERT: Keep reading to find out the season 5 winner of Project Runway. And talk about the results.

Leanne Marshall, a 28-year-old from Portland, Ore., became the season 5 winner of Project Runway on Wednesday’s finale on Bravo.

Early on in the show, Marshall predicted her fate. “It’s a Project Runway first to have all three women in the finale and it’s pretty awesome,” she said of landing in the final three with Korto Momolu and Kenley Collins. “But I’m gonna be a fighter until I’m the last one standing on that stage.”

With a collection inspired by waves and a palette drawn from the colors of the ocean, the soft-spoken freelance designer — who was the last contestant to send her collection down the runway — said she was living a dream she had since she was 12 years old to make it to the famed tents of Bryant Park, which house New York Fashion Week.

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Despite a last-minute backstage snafu — an over-steamed shirt that stretched out and didn’t fit her muse model Tia — a poised Marshall told the crowd, “This is my beautiful collection. I’ve lost millions of hours of sleep over and I’m in love with it.”

Marshall’s collection featured clean, modern lines and a signature petal detail that in judge Nina Garcia’s words could be perceived as “one note.” Michael Kors added: “I’m just nervous that you’re gonna be known as the Queen of the Petals.”

Still, the judges — including Tim Gunn, who filled in as a last-minute replacement for guest judge Jennifer Lopez, whose foot injury prevented her from attending the Runway show — praised her for her sense of innovation, including the fact that half of her collection was made from eco-friendly fabrics.

“I’m extremely innovative — I’m doing new things in fashion,” Marshall told the judges in her final plea. “I really need to take it to the next level and I possess the talent and the ambition to do that.”

As the winner of Project Runway, Marshall won $100,000 in seed money to start her own fashion line. The graduate of The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in San Francisco already has a two-year-old line called Leanimal.

And Marshall — who described her mood as “stoked” on her MySpace page — joked on her sign-off message on the finale that with “$100,000, drinks are on this brother!”

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Decoding Dog Speak!

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Artificially intelligent Dr. Doolittles can understand dog barks as well or better than humans do. These findings suggest computers might significantly help people comprehend animal communication.

Scientists tested artificially intelligent software on more than 6,000 barsk from 14 Hungarian sheepdogs. Six different kinds of barks were taped:
  • Barks for strangers were recorded when a researcher approached a dog's owner's home when the owner was away.
  • Barks during fights were recorded at dog training schools, when a trainer encouraged dogs to bite the glove on the trainer's arms and bark aggressively.
  • Barks for walks were recorded when owners behaved as if they were preparing to go for a walk with their dogs.
  • Barks for balls were recorded when owners held balls in front of dogs.
  • Barks during playtime were recorded when owners played tug-of-war or similar games with dogs.
  • Barks made when alone were recorded when owners tied dogs to trees in a park and then walked out of sight.
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After analyzing digital versions of the barks, overall the computer program correctly identified the kinds of barks the dogs made 43 percent of the time — about the same as humans' 40 percent, said researcher Csaba Molnár, an ethologist at Eötvös Loránd University in Hungary. The software identified 'walk' and 'ball' barks better than people, although people identified 'play' and 'alone' barks better than the software.

The program also could identify which dog made each bark 52 percent of the time. Molnár and his colleagues had previously found that people can not reliably distinguish between individual Hungarian sheepdogs by their barks at all.

"I'm pretty sure this could work with any animal vocal signals," Molnár told LiveScience. Molnár thinks dogs are ideal for study because humans and canines have spent thousands of years living together. "At least you know what the humans intend in any communication between them and dogs," he explained. "When you have communication just between animals, it's much harder to study what they mean."

In future experiments, the researchers will compare barks from different breeds. Since these dogs were bred for different jobs, this could result in differences in their barks, Molnár said.

Molnár and his colleagues detailed their findings on January 15 in the journal Animal Cognition.

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